Easily access the profiles of nonprofits you're supporting or you find particularly interesting by using the Favorites feature. 

  1. To add a nonprofit into your favorites, first navigate to the nonprofit profile. You can use the nonprofit finder at the top of the page to search for the nonprofit.
  2. On the nonprofit page, you can find the link to "Add to Favorites" in the information box at the right side of their page.

  3.  After you've clicked the link, it will either redirect you to the login page, where you could either login or sign up for an account if you are logged out, or the heart icon will turn into orange color indicating that you have added the nonprofit to your favorites.

Where can I find my favorites?

To access your Favorites, log into the site if you are not yet signed in and click the welcome greeting in the header then select "My Page." This will lead you to your account page where you could find the link to "My Favorite Nonprofits."